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Al-Wahid Islamic Academy is a distinguished service offered by “Tanveer ul Hassan” to promote Quran teaching online.

Realizing the need of a majority of Muslims who cannot find nearby Islamic centers to learn Quran (urdu speaking instructor) mainly in the West (USA, Europe, & Australia) and Pakistani Speaking in Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates).

Al Wahid Islamic Academy was started to spread Quran teaching online through our experienced Qurra’ (Quran reciters). Quran teaching is imparted using the rules of Tajweed and a great deal of care is taken that non Arabic spoken Muslims understand the right pronunciation of each word.

About Teacher

Tanveer Ul Hassan

I’m Muhammad Tanveer ul Hassan.

I have completed my 10 Years Islamic Course from Madersa Jamia Hussainia Ali Pur. I’m teaching Online Islamic Courses all around the world from past few years.

Now i’m providing Teaching service on Al Wahid Islamic Academy to Teach Islamic Courses.
– Qaida Course
– Quran Course
– Hadees Course
– Alim & Alma Course
– Tafseer/ Fiqah Course
– Short Islamic studies course

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Need for Quran Teaching

Quran is an eternal message of Allah and book of guidance that was revealed on the Hazrat Mohammed (ﷺ) who is the last prophet of Allah some fourteen centuries ago.

Quran is the main source of Islamic code of life, right path & spirituality among Muslims. As Muslims conquered different regions during the Caliphate, Islam spread very quickly in different countries.

Now Muslims are present in almost every single country in the world and there is a big number that still cannot read or understand Quran properly due to lack of trained Quran teachers and unavailability of nearby religious centers.

Hence a proper online Quran teaching portal is the need of time to spread the teaching of Quran.

Proper Reading of Quran

Even though the founders of Quran Education have been promoting Quran reading since 2016 through their Islamic centers,

Al-wahid Islamic Academy is the first initiative of its kind to broaden the horizon of Quran learning online to quench the thirst of millions of families around the globe who want to bring up their kids in an environment where Quran is an integral part of their daily educational curriculum.

We take pride in our trained teachers for their reading capabilities of Quran and understanding of rules of Tajweed and Arabic pronunciation.

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